Monday, May 23, 2011


*the continuous post* :D
after having breakfast with my cousins, then i went to StreetJam @ IOI Boulevard :)
yeah, cool street dances & pro dancers!
it's start from 3pm until 10pm i think so?
but i back earlier at 6something like that, because i gotta do revision for exam lar. 囧

had my dinner at Italian Cone Pizza ;)
this shirt i wearing is a new shirt from my biao jie bought at Singapore.. ♥
thank you :D

mushroom soup 

spaghetti :D

fish fingers...
noob face D:

wan yiing 

the drinks is so nice!

this salad look so delicious huh ._.

macam tahi oh? -.-

k done bye ;)


i wanna write something about last Saturday..
went tuition class 9am-12pm *insane*
then stay at home wait for my cousin to fetch me to her house because had a party that night.
all my relatives at others country or staying at other places also will come Puchong gathering..
actually it's for celebrating Matthias's bday. (my biao ge's son 1 years old celebration) :)
okay, i dont talk much, lets the picture do talk now. ;)

2 of my beloved baby  ♥
Ethan & Agnes

both of them so cute right? ^^
Ethan so chubby!  ♥


before i going to the party, i went to airport with my biao jie 1st :)
saw many many many aeroplanes there! :D
but i never ride up before :( so kesian rite.


had buffet at there.
and those kids were so naughty -.-

恒恒 :)

Agnes ;)

li homz :)

i like this boy, so handsome ^^

and i also overnight at my biao jie's house.
then ate dim sum with them in the next morning. 

eating the mee i cook for her :P
she said that's tasty. ^^v

use my cousin's dslr took some pictures, but notyet get the pictures yet.
will upload soon ♥ :)
this is taken by me :P feel so nice. hek hek.
 i think original picture will more nice yea. 

another post to goes on.
and more picture will be upload soon ♥
stay tuned.